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Sharon Chan_full-400x600We have over 24 years of legal experience in Hong Kong. We now have over 30 lawyers serving a wide breath of legal needs of individuals and enterprises in Hong Kong. We have over 10 offices distributed in the Hong Kong territory, ready to provide clients of all walks of life convenient, easily accessed and affordable legal services.

We have restored lots of companies

Our lawyers have experience in applying for clients to restore a dissolved Hong Kong company pursuant to the Companies Ordinance,

"mostly for the purpose of de-freezing a bank account which is saved with an unaware cash deposit. We have full experience on restoring a company."
- Sharon Chan, Partner and Lawyer of Yip Tse & Tang (picture)

Restoration of a dissolved company will re-activate the life of a company. It may then operate as before, including drawing of the money from a frozen bank account.



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